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Having achieved the Consejo de Salubridad General (General Health Council) Certification, positions us as a regional leader hospital by complying with National and International Standards focusing in Patient´s Security and offering the highest quality medical treatment.

This certification allows us to deliver a high-quality and safe healthcare at our premises, complying with the Mexican Official Regulations in the healthcare area.

Some of the benefits of this certification are:

1. We are one of the four certified private hospitals in the state of Baja California and one of the eighty-six certified private hospitals within the Mexican Republic as June 2016. (Source:

2. We have implemented safety measures within the processes designed to comply with the international goals for the patient´s safety, established by the World Health Organization (WHO).

  • Accurate identification of the patients.
  • Improvement of the effective communication.
  • Improvement of high-risk medications’ safety.
  • Guarantee that all surgeries are practiced at the right place, with the right patient, using the right procedure.
  • Reduce the risk of infections associated with the medical treatment.
  • Reduce the risk of our patients of suffering injuries due to a fall.


3) Adult, pediatric and neonatal emergencies are treated by our highly-qualified medical staff available 24/7.

4) A personal assessment for each patient and their treatment needs, for example, psychological factors or nutritional risks that are not usually taken into account in the treatment plan, but can, however, have a negative effect in the patients and their family’s participation if not detected and appropriately treated.

5) We have implemented an original source verification system of the official documents that certify our specialists, which allows them to work in a professional manner at our premises.

6) Our facilities have the maximum safety measures to respond to any climate, geological and environmental contingency.

7) We have applied a Continuous Improvement System based on the detection and analysis of failures or mistakes that has allowed us to learn about them and implement the necessary measures and continue our improvement path.

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At Hospital Hispano Americano, we are devoted to maintain the security before any contingency or emergency situation. Therefore, we provide you with this quick guide to be prepared:

  • Pay attention to your surroundings.
  • Remain calm.
  • Keep yourself protected.
  • Identify the evacuation routes.
  • Wait for the trained staff to receive instructions.

Be assured that in case of an emergency, Hospital Hispano Americano´s trained staff is prepared to deal with it. We have prearranged emergency brigades to provide first aids, to mitigate fires, to organize evacuations and rescue.

Remember, no matter where you are, it is important to locate the following:

  • Evacuation Routes.
  • The nearest extinguisher.
  • Emergency exits.




Before your admission to Hospital Hispano Americano

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During your stay:

  • When you are first taken to your room, the nursing staff that will be taking care of you will introduce themselves and inform you about the calling mechanisms during your stay, such as the nurse calling ring and the nursing central’s telephone extension.
  • The nursing staff that will be taking care of you will write his/her name on the board, the name the supervisor in charge and the nursing central’s telephone extension.
  • The nursing staff taking care of you will check your vital signs and ask you to wear a hospital gown to facilitate the treatment during your stay.
  • The specialist doctor will inform you about the reasons for your hospital admission and the treatment that will follow.
  • The nursing staff taking care of you will come to your room to monitor your health and your medication. In addition, they may ask you some questions in order to achieve the necessary evaluation and elaborate a comprehensive treatment plan according to your needs.
  • Our medical staff may approach to you or to your legal substitute to inquiry about your medical history, your health and to obtain your consent once you are fully informed.
  • Our specialized pharmaceutical staff may, if necessary, ask some questions in order to ensure that your treatment is effective. The main object of the pharmaceutical staff is to detect and coordinate, along with your physician, the management of your medication’s adverse effects.
  • Our psychologist will conduct a routine evaluation in order to identify and treat additional needs that may ease your hospital treatment. He might get in touch with other areas of the hospital to ensure that all the required aspects are duly covered.
  • In addition we have a nutritionist who will watch that you are given a diet according to your needs, taking into account any chronic illnesses you may suffer, the reasons for your admission and the interaction between meals and medications in order to ensure the treatment effectiveness.
  • Good nutrition is an important part of your treatment and recovery. Our nutritionist will ensure that your physician’s orders are carefully observed. That is the reason why food and drinks are not allowed in the hospital and emergency areas.
  • Sometimes our patient’s conditions make it impossible for them to take care of their personal belongings; therefore we offer a guard service where we can take care of the patient’s personal belongings during their stay. Our front desk staff will inform you about the process. Hospital Hispano Americano will not be held responsible for any forgotten objects.

Your Information Is Confidential.

La confidencialidad es un derecho que todo paciente tiene, es por ello que contamos con las medidas necesarias para asegurar que toda información que usted brinde a su médico o el resto de nuestro personal sea manejada con estricta discreción y confidencialidad.

Your Health Information.

All the information regarding your diagnosis, treatment, prognosis, risks and benefits associated with your medical attention can only be provided by your physician. It is advised that you name a legal substitute, who will also receive the information related to your treatment.

Properly Informed Consent.

It is very important that you are involved in the decision-making regarding your treatment. For this, your physician will inform you about the procedure, treatment, effect and associated benefits and risks.

You have the right, as a patient, to grant a written consent or to reject it if you wish to opt for any alternative treatment or to revoke it anytime.

It is important to let you know that if you decide to not grant your consent, this will not have any adverse consequences related to the quality of the remaining medical treatment.



Peace and quietude are essential for the patient’s recovery. Family and friends will be able to visit the patients from 8 am to 9 pm, only 2 people at a time. Permanent visitors may enter 24 hours so they can take part in the attention and care of the patient.

Intensive care visitors are limited to the physician’s authorization. Our personnel’s effort to preserve the stability of our patients is continuous and of vital importance. If the patient does not have any medical restriction, you may visit from 11 am to 1 pm and from 5 pm to 7 pm, only five minutes at a time, 1 visitor at a time and only direct relatives.

Our medical staff may ask the visitors to leave the room in order to perform a procedure or any routine test.

Don’t forget to lower your voice in common areas and in the rooms. We all can contribute for the recovery of our patients.

Remember to register and obtain your visitor badge at the reception area. For security reasons, visitors younger than 12 years are not allowed.

It is highly recommended that patients have a permanent relative, who may enter the 24 hours.


  • When your physician indicates your hospital discharge, he will indicate the discharge in your medical record.
  • The nursing staff will close their notes on your medical record according to your physician’s indications.
  • Then they will send your medical record to our administrative staff so they can review it and continue with the discharge process.
  • The administrative staff will review your medical record and proceed to prepare your bill and determinate the hospital and physicians fees.
  • If your medical expenses are processed by an insurance company, they must be performed according to the company’s policies. One of these policies may involve us to send them a discharge notice so they will release your authorization. Such process does not establish any specific waiting time, so we will keep you informed at all times about your discharge process.
  • The administrative staff will assist you via telephone and will offer the discharge service from your room.
  • If your treatment will be, partially or completely, paid by any insurance policy, company or bank under an agreement with the hospital, it is probably that by the time of your discharge the authorization process won’t be finished; therefore the credit and collection staff will get in touch with you in order to notify that the payment application has been received.
  • Once the hospital bill had been reviewed altogether, you will be informed of the amount to be paid or the procedure to be followed and will deliver you the discharge pass.
  • The physician’s fees originated from your medical treatment will not appear at the hospital bill, so we will provide you with a provisional receipt. Should you need a bill as an expense receipt you may request it directly to your physician.
  • Once the procedure is over, have your relative deliver the discharge pass to the nursing staff and they will call our support staff to take you in a wheelchair to the hospital exit.

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  • To receive adequate medical attention.
  • To be treated respectfully and courteously.
  • To receive clear, accurate and truthful information.
  • To freely decide about their medical treatment.
  • To grant or not their properly informed consent and revoke it as he/she wishes.
  • To be treated with confidentiality.
  • To have the right to obtain a second opinion.
  • To receive medical attention in case of an emergency.
  • To have a medical record that complies with the applicable regulations.
  • To be assisted in case of inconformity for the medical treatment received.

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Ext. 0 and 100



First Floor: Ext. 113
Second Floor: Ext. 220
Third Floor: Ext. 343



Hours: Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm
Ext. 246



Ext. 252
Hours: Monday to Friday 8am to 10pm
Saturday: 8am to 8pm
Sunday: 8am to 8pm


Ext. 255
Hours: Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm
Saturday: 9am to 1pm


Ext. 239
Hours: Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm
Saturday: 9am to 1pm


Ext. 240


Personal belongings guard
In-room local calls
Hours: Monday to Sunday 24 hours
Ext. 0 and 100


Hours: Monday to Sunday 24 hours
Ext. 246 or at your floor’s nurse central.



(686)552-2300 + your room number.
We appreciate your support at keeping your calls brief, since someone may be waiting an answer to their emergency.

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Don’t forget that you may fill your prescription with us!

Ask at the front desk or directly with Farmacia Hispano at (686) 326-3266 and we will deliver your prescription directly to your room.


  • 26% to 30% discount.
  • We deliver to your room.
  • You may pay cash or with card.


Hours: Monday to Friday 8am to 8pm
Saturday: 8am to 4pm

Some restrictions apply, subject to availability, no applicable with any other offers. It applies only to Hospital Hispano Americano Reforma patients, in Reforma 1000, Col. Segunda Sección.