Internal Medicine


Specializes in the diagnosis and non-surgical treatment of diseases affecting any organ or system.


  • Medical Control of Chronic Degenerative Diseases (Diabetes and Hypertension).
  • Pre-Surgical Assessments.

Critical Care Medicine

Medical care of seriously ill and unstable patients


Dr Miguel Morales Dr. Miguel A. Morales Calderon

Internal Medicine
Intensive Care



Specialty: Surgeon and Obstetrician, Faculty of Medicine, Autonomous University of Baja California, 1996. Internal Medicine, approved by the Mexican Council of Intern Medicine, 2002. (License 4479783).

Sub-specialty: Critically ill Patient Medicine, approved by the Mexican Council of Critical Medicine, A.C., 2004.

Dr Jose Gonzalez Sarmiento Dr. Jose Gonzalez Sarmiento

Internal Medicine




Degree: Surgeon and Obstetrician from Faculty of Medicine Autonomous University of Baja California (License: 4277658).

Specialty: Internal Medicine , Autonomous University of Baja California (License 5498730).

Special Courses:
- Mexican Association of Gastroenterology Pre-congress about: “Esophagus-Gastro-Duodenal Diseases. Achievements and Challenges of the XXI Century”.

Dr Damian Lopez Soto Dr. Damián López Soto

Critically Ill Patient Medicine


Degree: Surgeon, Autonomous University of Sinaloa.

Specialty: Critically Ill Patient Medicine, UNAM.

Special Courses:
- Internal Medicine at School Autonomous University of Baja California.

- Mexican Council of Internal Medicine, A.C.

El Dr. Damián López Soto is a member of the Hispano Americano Medical Group.