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Hospital Hispano Americano is certified as a Medical Care Establishment.

¿What does it mean to be a General Health Council certified hospital?

Being certified by the General Health Council, gives Hospital Hispano Americano a regional leading position in the achievement of the national and international standards, devoting ourselves to the developing of a continuous quality improving system of the health care services and the safety we offer our patients.

By this certification, we are able to offer our patients a secure and good quality health care through carefully designed processes, in our secure premises that comply with the Mexican official norms that rule the health care facilities.

These are some of the certification benefits:

Preventing safety measures and the enforcement of the international goals for the patient security, established by the World Health Organization (WHO):

            • Identify the patients correctly.
            • Improve the effective communication.
            • Improve the safety of the high-risk medication.
            • Guarantee surgeries in the right place, with the appropriate procedure and the correct patient.
            • Reduce the risk of health-care-related infections.
            • Reduce the risk of patient injuries due to falls.

Highly-trained medical and nursing staff available 24 hours for adult, pediatric and neonatal emergencies.

Individually evaluation of the patient for the implementation of measures according to their needs, i.e. psychological factors or nutritional risks evaluated by professional nutritionists and psychologists.

Verification system of the official credentials of our specialty physicians, allowing them to exercise their specialty in a professional way at our facilities.

We have implemented the maximum security measures to respond to any climatic, geological and environmental, among others contingencies.

We have a continuous quality improving system based on the detection and analysis of failures and errors that allow us to learn about them and to implement the necessary measures for improvement.