We have more than 20 years recognized as a center of healthcare excellence in town.
Our first commitment is to provide innovation and creativity, community-oriented social responsibility, honesty and integrity and visionary leadership on the medical field.
Our main goal is to provide great options for our foreign patients, whether you need a specific procedure or just a preventive consultation, we have a full staff ready to solve your doubts, set your appointments, an even coordinate your travel itinerary. Our experienced surgeons offer a variety of procedures that will help you to achieve the outcome you desire on improving your health and wellness.
Also, we’re proudly to announce that in 2016 we received our certification stated by Consejo de Salubridad General¨ (Healthiness Commission) who standards have the same criteria for evaluation as the Joint Commission International in US, being the only Hospital in town with that recognition.
This implicates the improvement of our standards of quality services, safety in our process and the privilege of all medical physicians.

We can assure you will be in great hands.